Plastic Straight Ruler – Half Transparent



Plastic Straight Ruler – Half Transparent

Plastic Straight Ruler has 2 side measuring rule

The ruler has dual scales in both centimeters and inches. The black printed marking make it easy to read and a clear colour plastic design allows visibility through. The clear soft plastic which make your ruler to be bended as you wish, don’t worry about broken. It’s safer, flexible, and shatter-resistant plastic that won’t break when bent. This plastic straight ruler is made of good quality plastic, durable and sturdy. Perfect measuring tool for students, artists, designers, architects, engineers, and more.

• Material from plastic.

• With Centimetre, Millimeter and Inch Markings.

• Easy to store & carry.

• Great for school, office and home use.

• Measurement of 15 cm / 30 cm

• Flexible Plastic Straight Ruler

• Easy & Convenient to use

• Thicker body

Size( Lenght)

6″ [15cm]

8″ [20cm]

12″ [30cm]

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12"/30CM, 6"/15CM, 8"/20CM