MAX Flat Clinch Stapler HD-10FL

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MAX Flat Clinch Stapler HD-10FL

The HD-10FL is a flat clinch stapler for 2 to 20 sheets by 50% less effort.


Flat Clinch Mechanism enables to bend the staple ends flat without deforming the clinched staple.
Twin Lever Mechanism cuts stapling effort by 50%.
Unique staple remover that holds staple tightly (PAT.P).
The new mechanism of staple magazine prevents staples from falling and allows you to load the staples smoothly.
Viewing through the slot makes it easy to check the number of staples.



In 1952 MAX began selling Japan's first office stapler. With its high quality performance and unique user friendly features, MAX office products have been maintaining the largest market share in Japanese and other asian market. MAX developed Flat Clinch stapling system in 1987 and those Flat Clinch staplers are now loved in all around the world.