Elmer’s Unicorn BTR Mixin Gue 236ml

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Elmer’s Unicorn BTR Mixin Gue 236ml

   About this product:-

  • This slime is a great resource for sensory play thanks to its gooey texture and scent.
  • The slime is pre-made and doesn’t require any glue or activator.
  • It’s non-toxic and safe for ages 3 and over.
  • Slime is an excellent way to stimulate the senses as you pinch, stretch, and smash it with your hands or with tools.
  • It comes with unique mix-ins including pink clay that’s designed to give the slime a buttery texture.
  • The slime has a slight scent and a unicorn theme.
  • There’s 236 mL of slime in this pack.