CIC Cellulose Tape 15Y



CIC Cellulose Tape 15Y

UOM : Roll

12mm x 15y – 1Box : 12Roll

12mm x 12y – 1Ctn: 48Box[576Roll]

18mm x 15y – 1Box : 8Roll

18mm x 15y – 1Ctn: 48Box [384Roll]

24mm x 15y – 1Box : 6Roll

24mm x 15y – 1Ctn: 48Box[288Roll]


  • Cellulose Tape is mad from cellophane film which is based on eucalyptus wood pulp. It is biodegradable to become part of nature again.


  • Gift and Hamper wrapping
  • Ideal for sealing, fixing, mending on general usage in all area
  • Special packaging like sealing of can, plastic bags, glass container … etc
  • Film is transparent. strong but easy to be torn by hand.
  • Solvent rubber based adhensive provide good adhesive property.

Additional information

Point Size

12mm x 15y, 18mm x 15y, 24mm x 15y