BOSSMAN Disinfectant (Non Alcohol) – Ready To Use



BOSSMAN Disinfectant (Non Alcohol)

Ready To Use

Bossman Disinfectant is ideal for disinfecting floors, walls table tops, door, handles, hand railings, lift button

Product Description:

• Effective Instantly Kills 99.9% bacteria and germs without water

• Refreshing Non-sticky feel left your hands feeling smooth

• Odourless liquids

• No Rinse & dry fast

• Convenient Rinse-free formula that is safe for all skin types

• Ideal for use with places, can be use anywhere, anytime

• Reduce risk of cross infection from hand contact

• It is perfect for on the go protection, and is ideal to keep in your car, office, bag or pocket.

• Type: Instant Hand Sanitizer OR Sanitizer Surface Disinfectant Spray

• Volume: 4L (4000mL)



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20 litre, 4 litre