Comb Binding Machine HD 2088

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Comb Binding Machine HD 2088

Effortlessly Bind Documents with Precision | Explore Our High-Quality Comb Binding Machines for Neatly Organized Presentations and Reports | Easy-to-Use and Reliable | Elevate Your Document Binding Experience Today!

1). The Max. Binding Thickness: 30mm ring plastic comb, 50mm ellipse plastic comb

2). The Max. Punching Thickness: 20pages(80g)

3). Max. Binding range: Below 300mm

4). Hole distance: 14.3mm 21 holes

5). Hole distance&hole form: 14.3mm&3mm*8mm

6). Adjustable margin: 2.5-6.5mm

7). Design of Section: 3.0*8.0mm

8). Punching Form: Manual

9). Net weight: 10.6kgs

10). Dimension: 420*350*230mm